Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Funday

So its 11pm Sunday night and I have yet to start on the 3 hrs it takes to wash my kinky hair. So I decided to procrastinate even longer and blog about my weird weekend. It was pretty quiet for the most part. I spent all day Saturday searching for pure organic peppermint oil. Needless to say I was unsuccessful. So I'm just going to have to unload $14 on a 4 ounce bottle from Amazon.

Later that night I watched Master Chef Jr and I was so proud of Alexander even though I was rooting for Dara and Kaylen was my favorite (because of those of those beautiful kinks of course). 

Alexander (Winner of Master Chef Jr) and Dara (Runner Up)
Kaylen girl you better rock those KURLS!!
And for like the 30th time I watched last Thursday's episode of Scandal. I'm still in shock and aw from the last 45 secs of that show. Shonda Rhimes make my blood pressure high and I'm always nervous by time the show ends. I know its just a TV show but if you haven't seen Scandal, you will never understand. Plus there is Man Candy and Fashion to die for!!

Columbus Short(Harrison) / Tony Goldwyn(Fitz) / Scott Foley(Jake) / Guillermo Diaz(Huck)
Sunday I skipped church and went to a cooking class at William Sanoma. It sucked because we were told we were going to actually cook and we just watch a lady make a pecan pie and we ate pumpkin pie. Being a Southern Girl I'm #TeamSweetPotatoPie but the pumpkin pie was actually good. So I guess you can't knock something until you try it. I had plans to come home and was my hair but now I have to do it in the morning and I'll be walking around all day looking like Miss Celie.

Please pray I don't have to go anywhere looking like this!
Anyway its now 12:30am and I'm still laying on the couch. So everyone have a great Monday and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. Oh girl, I love me some Scandal! I can't handle it though, I get major anxiety though. I love me some Harrison and Jake, Olivia can have Fitz he doesn't do it for me ;)

  2. I caught up with Scandal tonight and I am furious with Olivia! I'm gonna do a rant post about it tonight and post it tomorrow :) Pumpkin pie is my favorite!

  3. Hi Krystal! I am Najmah. We were following each other however I moved my blog from Tumblr to Blogspot. Have a nice day. Keep in touch!

    I'm Najmah from Covered Anatomy Blog |

  4. Master Chef used to be my favourite show until my mom started telling me how GREAt those kids were while I still can't cook . I.Just.Quit !

  5. I used to watch Junior Master Chef Philippine version and the kids never failed to amaze me. BTW, Kaylen is cute and so is Dara and Alex. <3