Monday, December 9, 2013

31 Days Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Today's Challenge: Tell a story from your childhood.

The year exactly is unknown but I was really young. It was my birthday and I was having a party at McDonald's (back in my day that was the spot). We were playing and we all had our happy meals. As they were bring out the cake all of the McDonald's character came out to sing with the cake. Now this is where it got real! One of my guest whom I'm still friends with today went into full fledged panic mode. She was terrified of them especially Grimace. It was like a ripple effect because then all of the children were screaming and panicking. It was my worst birthday that I can remember even though we still laugh and talk about it to this day.

Were my friends and I the only ones scared of Grimace? What was your worst birthday experience?

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  1. O em gee hahahaha! I attended this kinda birthday! Once my aunt called a clown for her daughter's birthday and we all kids ended up crying & screaming! WHO LOVES CLOWN?

  2. HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! Oh my goodness! We get such funny ideas in our head as kids.